Why Oman?

Oman is on a path towards integrating smart technologies into its buildings, homes and workspaces. Alongside the public sector’s work on executing its mega plan for smart cities, a rising number of commercial and residential properties are using technology to implement sustainable community projects to meet increasing new customer requirements.

More and more real estate developers of residential and mixed-use projects are looking to expand into operating smart buildings in order to boost investment appeal and create or improve efficiencies.

“The growth of the IoT sector and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are giving more importance to the role of smart technologies in both new and old urban developments.”

The Business Year, Building a Smart Future, Oman 2020

“While smart homes are currently limited to the higher level of the residential market, smart city technology is set to play a significant role in Oman’s largest new urban developments.”

Oxford Business Group, Oman 2019 Report